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Our company is specialised in the manufacture and fitting of wooden floorings.
Turrini is a third generation family-run company founded in 1911.
The company's long-standing experience, its great competence and the owners' genuine passion for wood are all distinguishing features which enable us to fit the widest range of wooden floorings, in every place.
In any fitting, from the single room to the most demanding public place, shop or sport venue, we can guarantee quality and success.

Sala Ajace Palazzo Comunale Udine - quadri in rovere Slavonja con bindello in noce evaporato - spessore mm 22

Palasport Primo Carnera - Udine - listone in rovere Slavonja - spessore mm.25

Audi Zentrum Tavagnacco (UD) - parchetto in castagno a acacia evaporata - spessore mm 14

Soggiorno - listoni in Teak Burma - spessore mm.22

Scale per abitazioni - scala in noce evaporato

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Sala Ajace Palazzo Comunale Udine Palasport Primo Carnera - Udine Audi Zentrum Tavagnacco Udine Soggiorno Scala
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